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Voting is back!

TheMeq posted Apr 6, 14

Thanks for voting!
-OC Staff Team
calhoun4 Is anyone going to do anything about the site's voting links not counting some of the votes we put in?
justcool393 I love it when servers just start going to other servers, copying ideas and half-assing it.
Leafstar1120 idk if this should be here or not. If mojang allows us to change our usernames in 1.8 like they are planning would it af ...

New Build Competition!

AMADDON posted Mar 29, 14

Thread can be found Here: 

Thank you and Good Luck!

OC Moderator
AMADDON Thanks Moe! I'm also very excited for the outcome ...
Moemoney21 Great Job AMADDON, Can not wait to see how this turns out.
Z085 Increase the prizes! Dafuq is 3 million. Chump change XD

Virtual Market

TheMeq posted Feb 8, 14  -  VM


Hello everyone, as you may or may not know, we have decided to close down the Virtual Market from ObsidianCraft, whether this will be a permanent thing or just a temporary thing, we do not know yet. What we do know regardless is that it will be wiped clean and removed in 1 month from today. So if you have stuff on the shop, please /cancel it (preferably when no one is around you) and store it in chests or open up a chest shop. 

Make sure to do /STOCK YOURNAME to see what items you have posted!

There are several places you can open up a chest shop. MeqIsland is currently opening a shopping central for your chest shops, with currently 2 malls (/warp meqmall and /warp kmrmall), and 2 more opening very soon. We are also opening the mall up behind the spawn which I will ask to be managed by another staff member. 

As I say, the future of the VM has not been fully decided but as soon as we know what we plan to do, we will let you know. Thanks
vercuiel Hopefully the player base will begin to grow once (and if) the VM is re-instated... Has anyone else noticed a lower amou ...
Arromes At this stage the VM May be reactivated, however there is a chance it won't, and te chance it will be a rank only perk. ...
SheepdawgSD Announcements-=- 9:02 pm MoOdsTyLe-= Welcome to the team everyone! Mar 17 AMADDON o-= Thank you everyone! <3 Mar 17 ...
Hey there, ObsidianCrafters!

January's Voting Competition has come to an end, and the results have just been finalized! I'm happy to present you with the winners for January 2014:

Congratulations to you three! 
These lucky winners will all be upgraded to the next rank!

ggNamikaze >  Executive
RogueHeadShot >  Supporter
Deathofskulls97 >  Supporter

You can win too! All you have to do is vote, and you may be lucky this month!

Voting helps attract new players to ObsidianCraft and makes sure we are the true Number One Server! So get voting, and increase your chance to win a free rank upgrade!*

Also, keep in mind that this month, February, has a special reward! The top voter will get the King rank for free! So keep on voting!

Thank you, ObsidianCrafters for your continued support!
~On behalf of the ObsidianCraft Staff

ObsidianCraft Administrator

*Free rank upgrades only go up to the CEO rank. Winners who are CEO+ receive a 25% discount towards their next rank purchase.

angelo83952 if this dosnt happen in the next 5 minutes then i suu
angelo83952 I got a crate and got nothing either i suu your ass or i get another or a refund
RogueHeadShot Awesome, thanks guys for the rank upgrade! ^_^
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